Logline Decades after their last hit, the Heartthrob Boyz find themselves out of time, out of cash, and out of shape as they attempt to finish the album they hope returns them to glory.

Director Joel Levinson

Producers Kathleen Hartshorn, Wesley Hartshorn, Seth Herzog

Cast Steve Agee (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2), Seth Herzog (NBC's The Tonight Show), Jordan Carlos  (Comedy Central's The Nightly Show), Dave Hill (@midnight), Jerry O'Connell (Fox's Sliders), Questlove, (NBC's The Tonight Show), Gilbert Gottfried (The Comedian)

Production Companies Levinson Brothers, Physis Films

Distributor Viva Pictures

"Having never worked with Chris and John I was immediately impressed with their knowledge of the distribution game, which for me was uncharted territory.  From our first conversation to the delivery of our film, "BOY BAND", they were always on point and assisted in all aspects of delivery that a first time feature filmmaker just doesn't know. They gave crucial feedback which took our trailer edit to the next level and landed us a distribution deal we would not have found without them. It's important to note we had many conversations with other reps who came off as eager and not really listening. Chris and John are a class act." – Wesley Hartshorn, Producer

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