Logline A guilt-ridden real estate magnate must enlist the help of a mysterious tenant to rescue his troubled daughter from self-destruction.

Director Thomas Anthony Quinn

Producers Peter W. Gray, Kymberly Harris, Thomas Anthony Quinn

Cast Elizabeth Schwarzrock, Thomas Anthony Quinn (Chicago P.D.), Toya Turner (Chicago Med), Christopher J. Domig (Boardwalk Empire)

Production Companies Fresh Bread Productions, Phenom Features

Distributor IndieFlix

"Using was my company’s first feature, and we could not have done it without John and Chris. They took on the entire post-production process with passion, commitment, and professionalism. After personally editing the film, they sub-contracted with a host of handpicked vendors, technicians, and artists, carefully shepherding the project to completion on time and on budget.  They did much more than finish the project. They took the material they were given, and they made it better. Throughline is a great company, and John and Chris are a remarkable team." – Thomas Anthony Quinn, Director

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