Logline Nearly 20 years after one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history, four survivors return to Columbine High School to share their experiences and journeys toward healing.

Director Laura Farber

Producers John W. Bosher, Chris Charles, Clare Deady, Laura Farber, Heidi Zersen

Subjects Gus D’Arthenay, Zach Martin, Jaimi Norden, Amy Staley, Kiki Leyba, Frank DeAngelis, Laura Farber, Tom Brokaw (archive footage), Brian Williams (archive footage), George Lewis (archive footage) 

Production Company Lioness Productions

Distributors Virgil Films, Cobalt Pictures 

"TLF is a dynamic duo! As the director of my first feature documentary, I really needed competent producers to facilitate the post-production process. Chris and John introduced the Minnesota Snowbate Incentive, which was ultimately the final carrot for our investors to sign-off. It was a collaborative effort on all fronts, helping with creative, managing budgets, vendors, and schedules. Their individual strengths compliment one another and the process. If one is seeing the big picture, the other will dig through the finer details. And it’s comforting to know that if there is a crack somewhere, you have two sets of eyes that will find it!" – Laura Farber, Director

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