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"We had a finished film without distribution when our attorney recommended contacting Throughline. Chris and John came on board as consultants which resulted in great key art, a honed trailer—and several offers from distributors, one of whom we signed with. I highly recommend Throughline. My only regret is not connecting with them earlier in the process."

– Geert Heetebrij, Writer/Director The Manifestation

"John and Chris were the unsung heroes of our film’s distribution. Just three months into the release, we’ve already received most of our budget back with a truly substantial ROI on the horizon. I was thrilled when they agreed to represent my next feature, for which they’ve already gone above and beyond. I look forward to collaborating with them again on future projects."

– Faust Checho, Producer Dead Draw

"Throughline is the lifeblood of our film. John and Chris helped build The Cleaner from the ground up, guiding the script development and casting, as well as shepherding us through fundraising, budgeting, production, and post. As we begin our sales journey, I’m positive they’ll continue to conjure magic and find us the right home."

– Erin Elders, Director The Cleaner

"There are no hurdles John and Chris are unable to clear. We could not have completed our feature, Animals, without their tenacious work ethic and savvy ideas, both creatively and financially. They were a great asset to each phase of production, securing the talents of actor John Heard during casting and locking in a portion of production funds. Upon completion of the film, John and Chris continued to impress with their contribution to the soundtrack, obtaining sponsorship for our SXSW premiere, negotiating our non-US sales, and marketing/promotional strategies. I beyond welcome the opportunity to work with them again!"

– Collin Schiffli, Director Animals

"John and Chris are amazing filmmakers, sales agents and human beings. Their kindness and generosity went above and beyond anything we’ve received for our films. They are two of the most caring and filmmaker-first salesmen in this business who have an insane amount of business smarts and technical know-how to get the job done. When others would take advantage of you, Chris and John do what’s best for the film."

– Ty Leisher, Writer/Director/Producer 11th Hour Cleaning

"Making movies is hard. Getting them out where people can see them, seems even harder. Throughline made it look easy."

– Marty Madden, Writer/Director Everyday Miracles

"Amazing working with John and Chris! They are actually honest and working to get you the best deal possible for your film. I never thought Above Ground would be on Showtime!"

– Thomas Rennier, Director/Producer Above Ground

"Our journey with Throughline on the film Up to Snuff involved navigating multiple paths to distribution amidst a global pandemic. Chris and John stuck by the project and ensured the film found its audience. Straightforward, reliable and honest. I look forward to working with them again."

– Mark Maxey, Director/Producer Up to Snuff

"I have had such a great experience working with Chris and John at Throughline Films. They were able to secure great distribution for our film, while also being incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. They are genuine, professional, and hard working. Even after the distribution process, they continue to reach out to make sure everything is still running smoothly, which is very much appreciated. I would definitely work with them again in the future."

– Amanda Markowitz, Producer The Voices


"Thank you, Chris and John, we could not have done it without your consulting services. The extraordinary trailer and key art that you created for Live at Mister Kelly’s launched the film to a new level. The excitement that they generated with the public and industry helped us get a national attention. Your expertise, professionalism, and enthusiasm make working with you a pleasure."

– David Marienthal, Executive Producer Live at Mister Kelly's

"We could not be more pleased to have Chris and John as our sales and distribution partner. We could never have found distribution without them. Their knowledge of the business and their relationships with distributors has been a real asset. We appreciate their continued commitment to finding additional opportunities and highly recommend them to anyone who wants representation with someone they can trust and will work hard for them."

– Heidi Yewman, Director/Producer Behind the Bullet

"Austin Found was my second collaboration with John and Chris at Throughline, and they really came through when we needed it most. Not only did they raise finishing funds, they helped shape the edit, solicited several post-production partnerships, and landed trailer placements on Hulu and Yahoo! Movies, among others."

– Mary Pat Bentel, Producer Austin Found

"Chris and John have successfully executed distribution deals of two of my films, ZERO WEEKS and THE CITY THAT SOLD AMERICA. Before meeting them, we discussed sales representation with various reps from New York to Los Angles but we were instantly besotted by Chris and John after our first conversation. They were creative and confident in their approach to distribution. They were able to get Zero Weeks a deal with an upfront MG payment. John and Chris are great guys and we look forward to working with them on future projects."

– Ky Dickens, Director/Producer Zero Weeks

"The loan Throughline obtained for us literally saved our film. I contacted two lenders who had ridiculous fees. After doing the math, I realized we couldn't pay the fees and have enough funds left over to achieve our goals. John and Chris not only found a lender who was willing to work within our needs, they found them within a week."

– Will Klipstine, Director/Producer The Harbinger

"John and Chris have been absolutely amazing to work with and a huge asset to getting my film distributed. They really caught the vision for my film, completely exceeded any expectation I had and even decided to give a percentage of their earnings to any non-profit of my choice. Very honest, very hard working and exceptionally knowledgable in the industry. They landed a distribution deal with Vertical Entertainment, which I can honestly say I don't think anyone else could have done. I would highly recommend them to any filmmaker that is needing the extra step to get your film into the right hands."

– James Fazio, Director/Producer Time Well Spent

"Chris and John have been such an amazing addition to our team. They’re bulldogs when it comes to getting it done. We’ve secured US distribution and are on our way to worldwide. None of this would have happened without their determination and just plain hard work.  They are honest and just good people, which can be hard to find in this business."

– Suzanne C. Johnson, Producer The World Without You

"As filmmakers distributing our first film, the team at Throughline made what could have been a very complicated journey instead a very easy, friendly and simple path to releasing our film around the globe."


– Mike Bromley, Director/Producer Perilous Sea

"I greatly enjoyed working with Chris and John of the THROUGHLINE FILMS team. Both were very professional, courteous and transparent in all our dealings. It's clear to me they have a great affinity for both the business and the artistry of entertainment and were very helpful getting my project in front of the right eyeballs for distribution."

– Michael Nardelli, Writer/Executive Producer Dark/Web

"We had a very positive experience with Chris and John. They brought creative solutions to secure distribution for our film. Most importantly they were there after the deal was made, providing support and expertise."

– Mary Warlick, Executive Producer The City That Sold America

"Having produced my first film I was very fortunate in finding a home for it with Throughline Films! Like a pit bull on a pork chop once they got hold of it they did not let go! They get behind your film one hundred percent! They cross every 'T' and dot every 'I' and are relentless in getting a film "out there", sticking with the film all the way. I could not be happier with them or the deal they got for us!"

– Robert Caso, Writer/Producer Between Waves

"Our film had been out for a couple years, but John and Chris knew all the TV and SVOD buyers in our genre and got us several licenses. The process was really easy, and they added a lot of value to our team. I look forward to partnering with Throughline on future titles."

– Andy Salmen, Co-Producer A Chance in the World

"Having never worked with Chris and John I was immediately impressed with their knowledge of the distribution game, which for me was uncharted territory.  From our first conversation to the delivery of our film, "BOY BAND", they were always on point and assisted in all aspects of delivery that a first time feature filmmaker just doesn't know. They gave crucial feedback which took our trailer edit to the next level and landed us a distribution deal we would not have found without them. It's important to note we had many conversations with other reps who came off as eager and not really listening. Chris and John are a class act. Thank you guys for giving a shit and working hard."

– Wesley Hartshorn, Producer Boy Band

"It was an honor to have John and Chris at Throughline Films come on board our indie comedy #Lucky Number and really drive the film home for us. Their knowledge and expertise in helping us craft a successful release was crucial. Not only did they line up our premiere in New York, but they provided us with key sponsorship with the Wu-Tang brand. This helped the project immensely and gave us the street cred we needed to facilitate a solid release on various distribution platforms. They are an extremely hard-working team and are always willing to go the extra mile. Can’t thank these guys enough and look forward to working with them on future projects for years to come."

– Brendan Gabriel Murphy, Director #Lucky Number

"John and Chris were absolutely critical to the sales and distribution of my feature film Terrordactyl, and we couldn't be happier with the results of our partnership with Throughline. They helped us navigate the murky waters of film sales, and brought us a level of interest from distributors that no one else could match. John and Chris were a joy to work with, and I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with them!"

– Don Bitters III, Director Terrordactyl

"Throughline didn’t just help us find distribution, they helped us market our film and find the right audience."

– James J. Bagley, Producer Everyday Miracles

"Throughline’s support and commitment from the outset has been exemplary. They were crucial to finishing the film and provided impactful outreach to highly relevant sources of social media and editorial. Dealing with John and Chris was a pleasure and they worked hard to ensure an efficient and widespread release of the movie. Really enjoyed the experience and continue to do so, look forward to working with them on the next one!"

– Andy Fowler, Director Aliens: Zone of Silence

"From day one, Throughline's plan for Dead Draw was thorough and detailed with several avenues to explore. It's what made them stand out. We landed our first choice for distribution, and within two years of signing the deal, we are excited to announce the film is profitable. For our team's first feature, to have this level of success is fantastic. Having experienced reps lead us through the process was integral to achieving this."

– Dan Kolen, Producer Dead Draw

"Using was my company’s first feature, and we could not have done it without John and Chris. They took on the entire post-production process with passion, commitment, and professionalism. After personally editing the film, they sub-contracted with a host of handpicked vendors, technicians, and artists, carefully shepherding the project to completion on time and on budget.  They did much more than finish the project. They took the material they were given, and they made it better. Throughline is a great company, and John and Chris are a remarkable team."

– Thomas Anthony Quinn, Director Using

"I would 100% recommend working with Chris and John. They know the industry, they know how to present, and they are filmmakers themselves. I vetted them before working with them by talking with other filmmakers who had already worked with them, and they got rave reviews. Now that I’ve been working with them for several years on our feature film I couldn’t be more satisfied. Hire them."

– Justin Jackola, Writer/Director Hunter's Creed


"As late editions to the production team, John and Chris at Throughline Films really helped us get #Lucky Number across the finish line by raising finishing funds and securing worldwide distribution. They are great guys with integrity, whom I look forward to working with again."

– Michael Cuccolo, Producer #Lucky Number

"Assistance of Throughline Films was the major reason our film, Chasing Gold, was picked up by Artist View Entertainment! Throughline’s two principals, John Bosher and Chris Charles, were extremely helpful in guiding and assisting us through the process of submission of deliverables including preparation of a new trailer and poster. I would highly recommend them to any filmmaker!"

– Leonard J. Brink, Producer Chasing Gold

"Working with Throughline was one of the best experiences I've had. Not only did they bring the financing to complete post, but they were essential in the entire delivery process as well as closing distribution."

– Jorge García Castro, Producer Aliens: Zone of Silence

"It was a pleasure working with Chris and John. They really helped us find the right home for our film. We look forward to working with them again in the future."

– Eryl Cochrane, Producer Let's Scare Julie

"John and Chris were wonderful partners. We were lucky to have them by our side early on in pre-production and benefitted from their knowledge and foresight well beyond production. We were impressed by their ability to deliver on high profile talent and in securing distribution, when the time came. They went above and beyond to answer our questions and prepared us for a smooth distribution process, advising on exactly what would be required and offered insights that helped us make informed decisions with all of our partners."

– Jacquelyn Jamjoom, Producer Hunter's Creed

"TLF is a dynamic duo! As the director of my first feature documentary, I really needed competent producers to facilitate the post-production process. Chris and John introduced the Minnesota Snowbate Incentive, which was ultimately the final carrot for our investors to sign-off. It was a collaborative effort on all fronts, helping with creative, managing budgets, vendors, and schedules. Their individual strengths compliment one another and the process. If one is seeing the big picture, the other will dig through the finer details. And it’s comforting to know that if there is a crack somewhere, you have two sets of eyes that will find it!"

– Laura Farber, Director We Are Columbine

"It was such a pleasure to work in post with Chris and John, who exhibit the best qualities of Chicago values and creativity. They are professional, on time, and artists in their own right. Integrity is everything in post, and these guys have it. I’d work with them again in a heartbeat, and highly recommend all their services."

– Kymberly Harris, Producer Using

"Chris and John helped us explore all distribution opportunities within our reach. In a challenging landscape for indies on negative pickup deals it was helpful to have Chris and John take charge of those efforts. They used their own contacts and experience to get as many options as they could which included a minimum guarantee."

– Micah Gallo, Director Itsy Bitsy

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